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How to Build Your Own Website


There are hundreds of website, blog, and e-commerce building platforms on the market.


Each platform generally offers 3-5 plans, which means there are over 500+ plans to choose from.


These plans highlight different features and capabilities, making comparisons very difficult to make. 


You can't get the best value for your money without the ability to compare plans across platforms.

When it comes to this topic you'll find that most "expert" review sites are actually affiliate-funded.


This means they get a commission when a visitor signs up for a platform plan (like a salesperson).


The amount they earn varies based on platform and plan, but it ranges from about $25 to over $1,000.


This means the authors are driven by personal gain rather than the best interest of their visitors.

You're probably familiar with user reviews, identified by the 1-5 star rating scale and brief summary.


For the most part they're reliable and useful, just be sure to keep an eye out for these 2 aspects.


Ensure the reviews don't consist of mainly 1 star & 5 star ratings (this doesn't tell you anything useful).


We don't want to scare you away with statistics, but make sure there are at least 385 user reviews.

Choosing A Plan

Affiliate Review Sites

User Review Sites


Finding the best website builder for your business or idea can be a challenging task,

but we're here to help you with some of these common problems and concerns: